Special Services

Stone Restoration & Maintenance

There is deference between the restoration of natural stones and the maintenance of naturals stones. Restoration involves a total reconditioning of the stone surface. This restoration can include grinding, sanding, and other professional techniques which require specific training.
All natural stones require specific and distinct products for care and maintenance. No one product can restore and maintain all natural stones. We carry a line of products to suit the characteristics of each type of natural stone.
Our competent staff is ready to respond to your restoration or maintenance needs. The restoration of natural stones and tiles should be handled by professionals.
Outdoor Cleaning:

The exterior of your building is the first impression visitors have when arriving at your office or condominium. It should not be overlooked. PT Services Nando Ltd., we offer year round sidewalks and parking lot maintenance. This includes sweeping, picking up all debris and emptying all outdoor garbage pails. We can set you up on a regular schedule or we will respond at you request.